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Wood Refinishing – 5 DIY Furniture Stripping Ideas From Carpet Network LLC & Renovation, LA

Sometimes you are your own Savior. Yes, it just needs a realization that you too can do a few things that do not necessarily require professional assistance.

The same goes when you are looking for ways to enhance the beauty of your home or household products. If you have artful mill work at home, then I bet, you cannot live without having it repaired or cleaned at least once a year. Yes Wood Refinishing is a must!

There are few DIY ideas to extend the life of a dreary-looking piece of wooden furniture at your home and offices. It does not only include cleaning, but, your next move should be refinishing it. Stripping furniture is not at all complicated or expensive, but you definitely know that they are messy and can take away your precious family time.
Why call Professionals when you can follow these steps to make the most of your Wood refinishing efforts?

Sawdust Fights Chemicals

Just after you are done rinsing your wooden furniture with TSP or other product that contains ‘Trisodium Phosphate”, it is advisable to sprinkle sawdust onto them. Make sure that you also soak up the water and chemicals from your precious wooden furniture.
Quickly brush off surface to avoid sawdust drying up to form a cake on your wooden furniture. As soon as your furniture dries, use a cabinet scraper to scrape the surface. Sand the wood to give it a smooth finish.

Natural Finish Never Go Out Of Style

Combined color finish or artistic ones are good, but trust me most of homeowners prefer Natural finish on their wooden furniture. Sometimes you might just want to keep the beauty of bare wood rather than giving it multicolor or fake looking finish. For that, continuous (around 10 times) thin coating of Tung oil works best. Plus, it is impervious to water and alcohol stains.

Light Stains Over Darker Ones

Go for light stains if you are uncertain about what color stain to use on your furniture. The reason I recommend Lighter Stain color is because it is always easy to add stain to darken the color of the wood, but it’s close to impossible to lighten a dark color.
Wipe off the excess coating immediately and then continue to apply thin coats. This will give your furniture a natural look.

Smooth Finish For beautiful Looking Wood Collections

Once you have your wooden furniture refinished, you might want to give it a smooth surface. For this you need to sand the last coat of varnish that you have applied after staining your furniture. Use wet-or-dry sandpaper for this purpose.
Get ready for some dirty job now, as you need to make a muddy mixture of (3/4 cup) pumice, a squeeze of lampblack and enough paraffin oil to make the mix soupy. Brush this mixture on the surface of your wooden furniture, using a toothbrush or floor brush for wider sections.
Continually clean up with a cloth after your strokes of this mixture. The lampblack in this mixture helps to hide any white grit in the crevices. For final clean up, use another clean piece of cloth or rag and pass over the furniture to make sure all residues are wiped off from the surface.

Glossy Finish

We all love shiny and glossy finish on our wooden furniture. If you are one of us that love mirror finish, then coat the surface with furniture wax and rub it in with a car buffer. As an alternative, shoe wax too works perfectly!
If you think this is too much, or don’t have time then you definitely should hire a Wood Refinishing professionals for this task.

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