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What You Need To Know About Marble Cleaning


Marble Flooring can be a huge asset to any building and has been used throughout the ages. It needs a unique and special cleaning routine, which should be done on a regular basis but it is not difficult and time consuming. Going in, you need to know that the preservation of beautifully polished marble surfaces is going to require more care than, say, ceramic tile or laminate flooring. All you need is to learn is the right way to do it. There are lots of things you need to consider while cleaning a marble and look for the things you need to do and not to do while cleaning a marble.

Let’s check out some of the important dos and don’ts related to cleaning and maintaining the marble in your home.



  • Seal the marble only when needed

Some types of marble do not need sealing. Get proper information about the nature of marble with the manufacturer when you buy a marble. Since the marble cannot absorb excessive amount of sealant, when you seal the marble more than it is required, a thick coat will start to appear on the marble surface creating an unpleasant look. Natural stone needs to be sealed only six months a year, depending on the usage and how well you clean and maintain it.


  • Use a buffer

Use of a buffer between a marble and the items could be a great idea, such as use of coasters when setting drinks down on marble countertops. Make sure to add non-slip padding or rugs underneath at the time you place furniture on marble flooring. It will protect both the floor and anyone walking through it.


  • Clean regularly

Regular cleaning is the most important thing to do as marble surfaces collect dust and other particles. In fact, it will be best if you wipe surfaces frequently with some sort of clean, dry cloth in order to keep dust and particulars away.


  • Specialized cleaning products

Marble doesn’t mix well with most of the chemicals. Therefore, consider purchasing specialized solvents which is specially designed to clean would be a best idea if you’re going to care and clean it properly.


  • Clean up stains immediately

Marble can become highly prone to absorbing liquids if not properly protected. Make sure you clean up stains and spills immediately to avoid such problem.



  • Use abrasive clothes

Avoid using harsh and rough clothes to clean your marble. Therefore, make use of soft and non-abrasive cloth for cleaning your marble surfaces. Shammies tend to work best, and you should look for lint-free products.


  • Place products or hot items on the stone surface

Do not place hot items directly on the stone surface. Use mats or buffer under hot dishes. Hot pans scratches, burn and crack natural stone countertops.


  • Use vacuum cleaners

Never use vacuum cleaners to extract the loose dirt particles from their natural stone floors. The rubber wheels and plastic attachments to the vacuum will not only extract dust particles but also easily scratch a natural stone surface.

  • Leave marble floors wet

Since marble easily absorbs liquid, do not let it remain wet which will create a dull appearance and make it sticky.


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