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Wood Refinishing


We offer a wide variety of wood refinishing from a complete refinishing to just a modest touch-up to renovate your wooden fixtures. From wood flooring to furniture, Carpet Network LA does wood refinishing in New Orleans, Kenner, and Metairie and nearby areas in Louisiana.


Along with the time, protective coating of furniture and wood flooring gets removed due to various activities. Improper handling, sunlight, temperature and humidity are some of the major factors that cause to degrade the finish. Scratches and marks further deteriorate the furniture’s appearance. So in frequent interval of time we suggest you for wood refinishing. With four steps involved, namely sanding, staining, sealing and coating with protective layer, wood refinishing can make your furniture look like new again.


Wood Refacing:

If you are planning to replace your wooden fixtures because of degradation in its condition and appearance, try consulting with us. Maybe wood refacing will make it work for a number of years further. Carpet Network LA has invested a large amount of time in refacing of cabinets, tables, upholsteries, wooden floors, walls, ceilings and more so forth in New Orleans, Kenner, Jefferson and other areas around.

We have refinished furniture and wood flooring in numerous stores, banks, churches, offices, and homes in New Orleans, Kenner, Laplace, Elmwood, Metairie and surrounding areas. We can also renew your wood surface of your office so that you do not have to shut the office for the refinishing task.


Advantages of Wood Refinishing

  • Enhanced appearance
  • Increase in resistance to moisture
  • Easier to clean
  • More convenient while using


While you reface and refinish furniture instead of replacing them with a new one, you are saving a substantial amount of money. And you are unknowingly preserving environment by saving trees.

Our wood refacing and refinishing service include changing color of cabinets, renewing bamboo floors, hand-scrapped floors and other non-sandable floors, renovating worn or bleached cabinets and much more. Carpet Network LA has technicians who have worked on numerous front doors, staircases, antiques, built-in furniture, kitchen cabinets, and wooden floors and so on for on-site stripping, staining and refinishing task. So, if your floors, cabinets or any furniture is looking dull, degraded to a certain extent, then Carpet Network LA is just a phone call away from bringing them to life again.

Request a free quote or give us a call if you need some refinish to your furniture or wooden floor in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Jefferson, River Ridge, Laplace and areas around.