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Marble Restoration


Carpet Network LA has provided entire service relevant to flooring in Southeastern Louisiana. When it comes to marble restoration in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner and nearby areas, no other commercial company can give the finish as we do. We pride on this. With the use of diamond abrasives, we will make your marble look like new again.
Marble Restoration
We do not just apply a technique for marble restoration service in Kenner, New Orleans and other areas around. First of all, we study the marble’s condition, causes of degradation and then we go with best possible marble restoration technique without harming in its quality. At some point, marble restoration is must. With the time, cracking, scratching and staining problems keep on increasing and resurfacing of the marble becomes mandatory to get a better look again. With the restoration process with diamond abrasive, we will polish, hone and re-seal your marbles to give the appearance of newly installed marble floor or countertops.

Marble Cleaning:

We recommend non-acidic cleaner to clean marble as it is sensitive to acid. With the use of alkaline solution, we use spinner tool and vacuum to remove dirt, grit and grime from the grout lines. Remember us for removal of stone stain and discolorations from your marble floor and countertops in southeastern Louisiana.


Marble Polishing:

We provide marble polishing service in New Orleans and other surrounding areas as well.  With many different techniques to polishing, Carpet Network LA use diamond polishing to make your marble floor and marble countertops shine like a new again.



If you have cracks, marks or damages in your marble flooring then you can call us for an accurate and favorable repair. With a good inspection, we will start repairing your marble tiles, polish them sharp and make them look like new again.



If some of your tiles have crossed the limit of being repaired, we can provide tile replacement service. Our skilled labor will replace or repair you damaged tile without affect neighboring tiles.

Any service that you need regarding marble restoration in Kenner, Metairie, New Orleans and nearby areas, call Carpet Network LA.