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Remove Stains And Relieve Stress

Almost all of us love and own pets but not the stains and spots they leave behind especially, urine and feces. No matter how much potty trained they are, upset happens. When you get a stain like this, the most important thing to do is to treat it as quickly as possible before it sets or begins to smell.

For carpets:

Vinegar is an effective cleaner to use for pet stains removal. It is inexpensive, environment friendly and simple to use. White distilled vinegar is best vinegar to choose as a household cleaning agent. It gets rid of even the old stains that went unnoticed for long time. Mix in a few tablespoons of baking soda with vinegar to make nature’s own odor remover.

When using vinegar solution, test for color fastness on an inconspicuous area before use.


  • Paper towels
  • 50/ 50 mix of white vinegar and lukewarm water
  • Baking soda


  • Blot the stain with paper towels or clean cloth. Don’t rub the stain as it causes stains to spread more. Absorb all the liquid you can.
  • In a bucket, mix together a solution of 50% of water and 50% of vinegar. Spray the solution into the stain area. This helps to cut through the stain and re-wets to make sure urine stain is completely lifted off carpet and vinegar neutralizes ammonia smell.
  • Sprinkle the baking soda over the stain area. You will see and hear it fizzing meaning the compound is reacting to do the cleaning and deodorizing without leaving any residue. Scrub the paste to get it deep down into carpet fibers.
  • Leave the baking soda to completely dry. This may take time depending on how much vinegar solution you put.
  • Once it’s completely dry, vacuum the baking soda from the carpet and bask in the glory of stain-free carpet.

You need to repeat the process as many times as required depending on the scope of problem. When you are trying to remove stains from carpet, use specialized pet formula instead of regular carpet cleaning product.

For hard surfaces:

Urine stains is most difficult to remove from hardwood flooring. Repeated urine soiling will turn the area black. You can use the solution of one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts water or undiluted white vinegar. Moisten the paper towels thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide mixture. Cover the stain area with moistened paper towel and let the peroxide sit on the stain for couple of hours. Hydrogen peroxide will bleach the wood so take care and check from time to time that floors aren’t getting bleached. After several hours, remove excess liquid with absorbent materials like baking soda. Remove the paper towels and cover the area. Use products that will remove both moisture and odors like baking soda. Repeat this process as often as necessary. To remove the stains odors completely, you can use enzyme based cleaners repeatedly.

Above are few ways to remove the stains and odors from your house floorings. These solutions are convenient to use and environment friendly. They have less damaging effects to you, your family as well as your pets.

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