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Most Popular Hardwood Flooring Species in US


Hardwood flooring is quite popular among house owners in US. With a wide range of price, there are numerous hardwood flooring types with Oak, Maple and Birch topping the list of commonly used hardwood species in US. Do you know: what are the other commonly used hardwood types? Well, look at the list of most commonly used hardwood species in the country.

1) Oak Flooring
There is no surprise that Oak Flooring tops the list. It’s abundantly found in every state locally; the red oak being most common. Affordability makes it the most commonly used hardwood flooring in the country and is found in almost all the homes. Oak flooring is readily available; red oak being found in greater amount easily across any part of the country. Scratches are hidden in oaks, and even if you need to refinish it, it doesn’t cost much. Oak floor lasts for decades unlike carpet and vinyl flooring. Even refinishing takes only a small amount of money that can make it appear like a recently installed floor again. Whether you want dark ebony or a light natural color, changing the color is just as easy as eating a piece of cake, as many times as you would like to. Giving a traditional yet stylish look, oak flooring outplays any other hardwood flooring.

2) Maple hardwood flooring
Maple is a common wood in North eastern United States as most of the Maple grown in US and Canada. Maple being harder, but lighter than oak, gives a modern look. Maple hardwood flooring gives a very stylish look, and is affordable to install as well. Although maple wood, on an average, costs slightly higher than oak flooring, its pricing vary very much as per its grade. Darkening of maple woods make it more attractive and stylish as the time goes on. Closed pores in maple wood make it challenging to stain unlike oak wood flooring. However, absorbing stain makes it appear grayish which looks more stylish, say some people.

3) Hickory
Hickory joins oak and maple in strong sellers list this year in US. A beautiful rustic appearance of the wood during production is the reason that Hickory has been catching eyes of huge number of new home owners. Grown in the Eastern US, Hickory takes around 200 years to get matured. People mistake it with oak sometimes due to its fairly similar looks. Being harder than Oak with hardness scale of 1820, it’s becoming a preferred hardwood flooring option in busy households. Scratches and dents are hard to be seen in hickory flooring, so pet owners are turning onto it more often. It holds better even in the busy traffic rooms. With varieties of color that Hickory offers, I have seen people liking its natural rustic look better.

4) Walnut
American Black Walnut, although gives classy looks, never goes out of style. This is one of the most beautiful hardwood species that is grown in North America. Albeit, it’s more expensive than these other hardwood flooring options. American homeowners have loved this flooring since ages. Being only 1010 on the hardness scale, softer than any other hardwood flooring mentioned above, is often confused with Brazilian Walnut. The color varies from a dark chocolaty brown in center to pale brown in the tree trunk of 1-1.5 feet radius.

With other hardwood flooring species like American Cherry, Ash, Heart Pine, Douglas Fir, Pine wood, Brazilian Walnut and Brazilian Cherry constantly battling, it’s harder to say which one will stand among top seller hardwood flooring. However, oak and maple wood flooring are very hard to replace by any other hardwood flooring, other species fight for the third spot.

You can choose the one that suits your needs, if you have planned to install hardwood flooring. With their prices and characters differing with each other to some extent, we have varieties of hardwood flooring choices to offer you in your budget.