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Hardwood Flooring: Which Wood Should You Choose

Whether you are building a new home or simply renovating your old one, flooring is a very important aspect of home décor. The right floor can make or break the ambience of your room. One of the more popular flooring options available these days, is hardwood flooring. It is low maintenance, does not need extensive cleaning or cause allergies, and is made from environment friendly materials. Moreover, unlike many other flooring options, hardwood flooring adds value to your property. There are several types of wood you can use in hardwood flooring. Let’s review some of them, shall we?



Oak is one of the most common wood flooring choices in America. It is very durable and does not dent or scratch easily. It is hard and dense and resistant to wear and tear. When treated with a high quality finish, oak wood floors last for a very long time and add value to the property.

Oak comes in various shades of color, but in all forms they have a distinctive grain pattern that is always obvious. While some find these grain patterns pleasing, some do not. You might have to decide which category you fall under before you choose oak.


Teak is another popular flooring choice that offers unique advantages and disadvantages. They are very durable and naturally repel insects so you would not have to worry about termites gnawing on your floor and destroying it. They are also water resistant and do not rot form water exposure.

However, teak is generally shipped over from Asia and it increases the cost of the wood. Moreover, teak needs regular oiling every two to three years to maintain its luster and insect resistant abilities.


Maple is an exotic variety of hardwood flooring that tends to take you in with its beauty. Maple has a rich, elegant look to it that many homeowners love. Another advantage of maple flooring is that, after installation, it requires very little maintenance. Regular vacuuming and mopping will do the trick.

When it comes to maple floors, the biggest issue tends to be humidity. Maple boards tend to move with the rise and fall in humidity. They also get scratched easily and are very difficult to stain. Maple is also rather expensive. But, if maintained well, can turn into an investment.


Ash is an extremely hard wood that is frequently used for flooring. It is even harder than oak and hence, does not dent or scratch easily. It comes in a variety of colors and holds stain well. It is also shock resistant, making it a good choice for kitchen flooring.

Ash also has a very light color which may not appeal to everyone. Also, due to its hardness and distinct color, Ash wood floors are often quite expensive, much more so than other wood options.

Consider both the advantages and disadvantages of these wood species before choosing the right wood flooring for your home.

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