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Flooring For Sunrooms

One of the most popular projects in summer is the addition of a sunroom.  It is practical and fun addition to existing home made of glass or screen that connects you with the outdoors. 

When you have sunrooms, you can enjoy your surrounding landscape even in the less than ideal weather.  A step up from an exposed deck or patio, sunrooms provide shelter from rain, wind and bugs, extending the outdoor season — hence the term four season rooms.

When you are thinking about adding an outdoor lounge or sunroom, the very first thing to consider would be flooring. You have lots of options to choose from. No matters what your tastes are, you will be able to find something that suits it. Your sunroom floor can be both functional and stylish as you just need to be smart while making selection.

The first to remember about sunrooms are they are very different from the construction of your house. As its name suggests, sunrooms are always exposed to the elements all year round, especially foot traffic so the sunroom floors must be sturdy, fade and moisture resistant. Floors here need to keep from overheating and burning bare feet when the sun is beating down hard but they should also absorb some sunlight to warm the room during winter.

As with most things, each flooring type has its own rewards and drawbacks. It is all about selecting the material that will suit best for your sunrooms.

Vinyl laminate

Vinyl flooring gives the feel of any other flooring type like tile, stone and real wood yet is somewhat cheaper and very easy to install and maintain. However, it can fade after time, especially if you get the wrong kind. It is suggested to select the one with UV protection material or layer.


Choosing wood for your sunroom flooring can give the warm look of hardwood floors. It is available in variety of cuts, fabrication and finishes. Pre-fabricated wood panels are affordable option. If you live in a cold climate and your sunroom is not properly insulated, hardwood might not be the best option. Hardwood flooring is less energy efficient and does not absorb and contain thermal energy like concrete or tile.

Ceramic tiles

As a flooring option, ceramic tiles give your sunroom resort type look. It requires low maintenance and handles humidity. High grade tiles are nearly scratch resistant making it perfect for high traffic area sunrooms.  Some homeowners add an “under the tile”, thermostatically controlled heating option. Because of the endless options in design, you can really customize your sunroom’s motif with specific tile designs. Tile flooring is a great option for those who live in four-season weather because of their natural energy efficiency.


Is a good option for its low maintenance, multi functionality and can easily be changed in the future if desired. Carpeting gives a soft cozy feeling and is also a good choice for dampening sound in an open room.  There are many choices of color, style and type to fit almost any desired look or feel.  Carpet is good for those rooms where foot traffic is relatively less. Carpet can fade due to sun exposure and is also difficult to maintain as it attracts dirt quickly.


If you want to give your sunroom that industrial chic look, then go with concrete flooring. In addition to being low maintenance and durable, it is actually one of the inexpensive flooring options. Stains, paints and stamps can do a lot to elevate concrete from plain old gray to visually dazzling. It also saves on heating costs in the cooler months because it easily absorbs heat. Concrete cleans up nicely and resists the rain like nothing else, but it can be bit chilly in the winter.


You can achieve that outdoor look with very low maintenance with natural stones. The stone floor is designed to allow water to penetrate without puddling and the end result would be a floor that is slip resistant, durable and long lasting. This natural stone look can be enhanced with area rugs, plants and other decorative items for your room decor.

Deciding the right location for your room is the first critical step when planning an addition. For instance, for northern climate, southern exposure is best because you receive most light of the day. An eastern exposure will ease cooling needs by providing sun in the morning and shade the rest of the day.

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