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Five Home Renovations to Complete Before Moving In

Buying a home is easy, you just need to look at the internal structures of the home, its external landscapes, and if everything is as per your requirement, the money to invest. So you just bought your new dream home. You are excited about moving in. But, is it worthwhile to move in right after you have paid your charges and made the home yours? Well, the various internal things like wall paints, flooring of the home and locks and designs of windows and doors and so on might not suit your family and personality. The old owner’s choice might not match with yours.  Therefore, always consider some renovations before you move in.

An empty house is always easy to be renovated and readjusted than doing them after you have moved in. You and your renovation contractors can take advantages of the free and open spaces available. Most importantly, you and your family can avoid the renovation dust and odors that can be hazardous to your home. You,the furniture and other household equipment need not be exposed to these hazards too.

With so many advantages of renovating your home before you move in, why to trouble yourself with various hazards by renovating after you have moved in? Here are few basic improvement projects that you can try, to make that new home yours truly exceptional.


Painting walls

It might be the most important thing that you must do in order to truly personalize that home you have just bought. Although it is easy to paint your walls after you move in, why expose you and your family to paint odors and hazards? Paint your walls according to your choice by finding an appropriate painting and renovation company.

Take precautions though. Use low or no-VOC paints in order to free your rooms’ atmosphere from unwanted volatile organic chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde. These chemicals you would normally don’t want to breathe in. Low or no-VOC paints are available in variety of colors and price ranges, so choose a proper renovation company that has tons of experience in renovating homes.

One such company around the area of Louisiana, Carpet Network Inc. and Renovation is the one you need to contact for all your painting and home decoration works.


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you totally want to remodel your kitchen and bathrooms or just want to give them a simple and attractive lift up, the choice is yours. But, it is always better to make them according to your preferences before you move in.  Various updating and remodeling ideas can be implemented. Many ways of personalizing and updating the outdated look can be adopted such as adding new appliances, countertops, vanities; changing out hardware, replacing the cabinets, changing sinks, and so on.

The glues used while installing new or refaced cabinets can release formaldehyde. While upgrading kitchen and bathrooms, running water can be your major problem. It is suggested to choose cabinets labeled NAUF meaning No Added Urea Formaldehyde. The contractors should also properly ventilate the house and wear some properly sanitized respirators not just masks.

Due to various precautions that have to be taken and various health hazards that have to be avoided, it is always good to remodel your rooms before you move in. Choose a proper renovating and remodeling company that has been working in this field for a long period of time. This way you can make sure that proper and healthy remodeling materials and equipment has been used, and your work will finish on time.

One such company around the area of Louisiana, Carpet Network Inc. and Renovation is the one you need to contact for quality and experienced remodeling works.


Flooring Installation

You will be lucky if your new home has been properly floored. In most cases you will need to refinish them yourself.  If your carpet, vinyl or tile floors are in bad shape, you must replace them before you move in. Always finish your flooring and make the floors as per your requirement before you move in. If you complete these tasks before you move in, you can negotiate with your flooring company regarding pricing as they don’t have the extra tasks of moving furniture and other heavy equipment around.

If you want to do it yourself then take some precautions when prepping, sanding and applying a new finish. Open all windows and put some barriers in order to collect dirt and debris. Try to use rustic matte finish for your floor finishing and give emphasis to water based finishing system than oil based finishing system. This way you can protect your home from smog and VOCs.

While installing a new carpet look for wool than synthetics and floor underlayment with less VOCs. If the house already has carpet, get them professionally cleaned. You don’t want to expose your new home to dead cells and mites.

It is always better to choose a proper flooring company with tons of experience to replace or install your flooring. These companies will have variety of flooring options available as per your choice and furthermore they will have required experience to complete these tasks and suggest few new ideas too.


Refinish wooden floors

From color matching to water damage repairs, touch ups to total restoration, various companies are available to refinish your wooden floors as per the requirement and necessity of your new home. After completing all other renovating works concentrate on this home improvement project.

Wood refinishing might be easy if done by proper refinishing contractor but it needs proper drying time in order to maintain new looks for a long duration. Drying time will vary depending on the humidity but it is recommended to dry these woods at least two to three days if water based polyurethane is used and up to a week if an oil based product is used.

Always choose a properly experienced wood refinishing company. Your refinishing professional can advise you about the required length of time for drying your wood. Other wood refinishing ideas and suggestions will be genuine and trustworthy too if you contact a proper refinishing professional.


Replace exterior locks and install proper closet systems

You must always remember to change the locks as soon as you are ready to move in. Who knows if someone might have a spare key? Never take such foolish risks, change the locks of your new home and secure your rooms and yourself.

After renovating and painting your closets and paintings are complete think about installing closet organizing systems to make the most efficient use of available space. Improve your storage before moving in and make unpacking less stressful.


So these are some renovation tips that you need to complete before you move in. By choosing an expert renovation company that does all these tasks for you, you can complete all your renovation and refinishing tasks with ease.  Moving can be stressful so get these renovation tasks out of your way before all the boxes and furniture gets in the way.

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