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FAQ on Hardwood Refinishing – From the Carpet Networks Experts

Are your hardwood floors gradually losing its beauty? May be all they require is a fine refinishing job. Though it can be an intimidating work for you, our experts from Carpet Network Inc. & Renovation are here with some really fascinating ideas and tips to make this mission a lot easier.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions based on hardwood refinishing. So… shall we begin? 1- How much time does it take to refinish hardwood floors from the beginning to end?

Well, the time actually depends on the type of polyurethane that you’re using (i.e. water based or oil based). If it is water based then it dries up fast, so it basically takes 2 days (obviously time increases as the size of job increases). But, if your polyurethane is oil-based then it takes much more time – 3 to 4 days plus drying time. 2- What can be done if my hardwood floors are covered with tile, carpet, or laminate?

We have been hearing such issues many times from different customers. But fret not! We will remove and drag away those flooring items that are currently on top of your hardwood. Additionally, we also repair your exposed hardwood floors. 3- How can we deal with pet stains on the hardwood floors?

If there are pet stains on your hardwood floor, then the best step to follow is replace those hardwood boards and weave in. It is not a hard process, esp. if you have oak flooring – assuming you have hardwood experts for the job. For your information, having experts for this task is a must as it’s extremely important to match the oak’s species or grade, and you need someone with the expertise to weave it in properly. From there, after you sand and refinish, the floors will surely integrate well and look flawless. 4- What do you mean by Recoat, Screen and floor buffing? Would that work for my floors?

Recoat, Screen and floor buffing, they all mean the same thing (synonym). It is a non-invasive process where you buff your hardwood floors in order to add an extra coat of polyurethane. It helps in adding sheen to your floor with an extra layer of protection.