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Ceramic Flooring: Cons vs. Pros


Ceramic tile is made from clay that is mixed with minerals and water. Ceramics flooring can be done in a wide range of floor types. It is a very hard surface flooring which makes it unsuitable in certain locations. It has many advantages over other flooring types and disadvantages as well. In this article, we will discuss about cons and pros of ceramic flooring.

1) Water resistance:

Ceramic tiles have a protective layer. They are water resistant as they prevent from water and stain damages. This is the main reason they are widely used in bathrooms and kitchens. This is in case of glazed ceramic tiles whereas unglazed ceramic tiles are needed to be sealed to make it water resistance. Glazed coating is done with liquid colored glass in a very high temperature.


2) Durability:

Simply to put, ceramic tools are extremely hard that makes it very tough to crack. If installation is done well and taken care properly, it can last more than 20 years.


2) Easy repair and maintenance:

Maintenance is quite easy for ceramic flooring. You can mop easily all the spills and dirt on the floor. It is also true that using hard surface cleaners are unlikely to damage even a small part of the floor.


3) Affordability:

Ceramic floor is quite affordable compared to hardwoods though it’s more expensive than carpet. If it is installed in favorable environments, its durability makes it a quite cheap flooring type in the end.

Although it has numerous benefits over other types of flooring, it has countable number of drawbacks too. Major cons of ceramic flooring are mentioned below.

1) Uncomfortable living:

As this is one of the hardest flooring you know, this makes it very uncomfortable to stand on. It is also true that it is easy to clean and maintain, but its hardness makes us feel awkward to live on it. Softening it using under layment does not prove to be the right choice.

2) Winter:

These hard surfaced floors are very cold during cold seasons. And it may not prove to be a good choice in cold places. But in hot summers, these cold ceramic tiles can be a very comfy floor as they provide underfoot coolness.


3) Hard installing process:

Ceramic tiles are tough and heavy. Their installation is quite tough as we need to use mortars and grouts. Furthermore, different tools are needed in setting up these tiles. It is a stiff DIY process as it is time consuming and a small mistake may cause a huge problem during installation.


4) Expensive installation cost:

As the installation process is quite tough and time consuming, professionals are needed for the installation. And it is quite expensive. There are very numbers of people who go with DIY process.


5) Heavy weight:

Heaviness of tiles is merely a problem in the ground floor, but when you think about installing it in upper floors; you must be careful. You need to hire a professional that will inspect about the capacity of physical structures to assure installation of ceramics tile is safe.


With advantages come disadvantages too. Ceramic flooring can be installed in variety of environments. It’s better to hire a professional that will study about the environment and all the key factors to choose the best flooring types for you. We are very reliable professionals in Louisiana that you can fully depend on any type of flooring service you need in the State.