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Carpet Trends 2017: Color and Texture

Did you know that the color and type of carpet can change the dimensions of your room? Well, it doesn’t change the actual size, but it can certainly make the room appear larger and more intimate. The feeling of kicking off shoes and sinking toes into a luxurious pile of carpet is pretty awesome.

Interestingly, carpet color has the power to alter your mood – it can produce feelings of intimacy, serenity and warmth. The color can even stimulate or depress appetite, lift the spirits and increase or reduce the libido – you heard it right!

Carpet Color Trends of 2017


Red is a commanding color, highly suitable for the dining room. It is also good for living rooms – the bold accents of red can create an incredibly assertive statement of style. However, red carpets are not that good in big areas like bedrooms.

What red carpets say?

  • Energy
  • High temperature
  • Aggression
  • Intimacy
  • Improves appetite



Like it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it – pink has got that kind of appeal. The little-girl-favorite-color is peaceful yet bold and vibrant. It is caring, welcoming, warm and delicate. You can transform the interior of your room by having pink carpets, but generally, men feel uncomfortable to have pink carpets on their floor. It is universally used in girls’ bedrooms and sometimes even on guest rooms.

What pink carpets say?

  • Kindness
  • Low aggression
  • Low energy
  • Compassion
  • Gentleness



Yellow can come really handy while designing and decorating. So, yellow carpet is an ideal choice for using in bedrooms, dining rooms or even hallways – that’s almost everywhere. In fact, it has got quite good variations, such as deep gold, soft butter yellow and bright yellow. Each of them is extremely suitable for dining room, baby’s nursery and meeting room, respectively. Since too much yellow on your floor can cause irritability, one good way would be mixing and matching it up with other colors.

What yellow carpets say?

  • Aggression
  • Enthusiasm
  • Volatility
  • Energy
  • Captures Attention



Blue is probably the easiest color to use while making color schemes. Basically, it is used in monochromatic color scheme, where blues of different tones, shades and tints are combined. Teaming up with yellow, it can create the perfect bleach illusion. Blue carpets are ideal option for reception areas as it is considered to be formal and conservative.

What blue carpets say?

  • Calmness
  • Loyal
  • Faithful
  • Wisdom
  • Least appetizing



Being a neutral color, green is highly preferred for interior decorating. It is elegant and pleasing to the eyes when combined with silks and velvet. You can use green carpets on your bed rooms. However, it is not ideal for skin color rendition, so don’t use it in beauty parlors, clothing stores or even hair salons.

What green color carpets say?

  • Relaxing
  • Soothing
  • Wellness
  • Festive and psychologically uplifting


Carpet Style Trends:

What flooring style do you prefer for your home – smooth carpets or tough-stuff floors? One good thing about today’s homes is that it will accommodate both. While hard floors such as concrete, tiles and timber offer a neat and contemporary finish to the interiors, the warmth and comfort offered by carpet guarantees its enduring popularity. So, let’s learn a tad more on carpeting by knowing its latest style trends.

When you decide to lay carpet on floors, things like color, texture, style or even budget have a colossal role to play. In addition, due to the modern technology and innovative design, you can find a gamut of options that can easily complement the decor of your home.

Color Along with Texture:

Earlier, we discussed about the popular carpet color trends. If you want to remain in a safe side then an ideal approach would be going with neutral colors. However, a small dash of vivid color can have a significant impact to enhance the beauty of your room.

Today, most people prefer layered color and soft texture in carpets. A combination of pattern and texture is widely accepted because it reduces vacuum marks and soil. It also offers more distinctive styling and fashion appeal.

Woven patterns in designs of flowers, trellises or leaves can offer organic shapes that synchronize easily with patterns in other furnishings. Powerful colors that come from commercial pallets are now accessible in multicolored loops, cut loop surfaces and Berber styles as accents. Likewise, for a wall-to-wall color statement, traditional Saxony and textured Saxony are the top picks. Let’s go a bit deeper!


One of the most popular styles used in today’s homes, plush carpet has a smooth, even pile height. During manufacturing, the tufts of these carpets are sheared to make the pile perfectly flat. You can find a wide variety of colors in this style. Carpets of this style provide an ideal blend of comfort and traditional feel. However, these carpets cannot hide vacuum marks and footprints.

High/Low Sculptured

Basically, this type of carpet has looped and cut tufts which helps in creating a manicured look. Sculptured carpets are generally made using two or more colors – this will help in hiding dirt and showing less footprints or vacuum marks. This type of carpet is rich in appearance.


Frieze carpets have very tightly twisted tufts that are not straight like a plush style.  Talking about their appearance, they are crooked or wiggly and can make any room look incredible. This style of carpet is an ideal choice for high traffic areas as they are highly durable. They don’t easily show footprint and vacuum marks. However, this type of carpet might be a bit heavy on your pocket when compared to plush styles.


Saxony is the typical cut-pile carpet that has fibers standing straight up and cut to constant length.  This type of carpet is thick, deep and amazingly elegant. They are available in two different types – straight Saxony and textured Saxony. As straight Saxony has all of its fibers going in the same direction to give a uniform color, textured Saxony carpet has its fibers twisted in various directions. Latter reflects the light differently and can hide footprints and vacuum marks.

Both of these carpets are available in every quality, be it the highest grade or the lowest. You can find Saxony carpets in different carpet fibers, such as triexta, polyester, wool and nylon.


The popularity of Berber carpet is increasing day by day, thanks to its elegant appearance. In this style, the tufts are looped and aligned in rows providing a neat uniform look. The casual style of Berber carpeting can complement any kind of décor, from contemporary to country. But, while choosing this carpet, opt for the one with smaller loops. This is because large looped Berber carpets can collapse pretty quickly and look worn-out sooner.

Carpet Construction

Due to the expanding manufacturing capabilities today, you can find a wide range of carpets with cut and loop yarns (high and low-loop yarns) – such as bows, lattices, swirls, plaids, pin dots, fleurs-de-lis and many more. So, you can make the most out of these exciting options and add great interest to your room and in co-ordination with the stripes, floral or some different patterns on your furniture.

Modern carpets can contrast magnificently with smoother elements such as paint, counters and walls – it is one effortless way to personalize your environment. Its color can be a neutral foundation or a vibrant focal point.

Not many years ago, people used to precept that carpet can only act as a background to showcase other furnishings. But now, they believe that the carpet itself can become a design focus.

So the bottom line is, today’s carpet trend is all about the modern products and new thinking about style. As simple as that!

Got suggestions on carpet color and style? Leave your ideas in the comments section below.

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