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All About Kitchen Flooring Today

Kitchen; it’s a place in home with high traffic. People care about their home as they have intimate relationship with it. Everybody wants their kitchen to look beautiful alike any other parts of their home. A good combination of flooring with furniture, paintings and kitchen appliances makes your kitchen appear amazing. You could read our other blogs if you want to know about flooring other rooms, furniture and kitchen appliances but here, it’s all about kitchen flooring today. So what could be the first thing you wish to see when you are reading about kitchen flooring, designs, or different materials to be used in kitchen? At first, let me tell you what the things are that happen frequently in kitchen other than cooking and preparing meal.

Kitchen is where cleaning on a regular basis is a must. Works such as dish washing, cleaning the tables, floors, other appliances are to be done regularly. Our kitchen also encounters with spills and splashes usually. Unlike your living room every family members has to get in the kitchen multiple times a day.

Now let me tell you about some of the best kitchen flooring materials. As I mention their positive features, I shall not forget to mention their drawbacks too. Anyways, it will be you who decides what type of flooring materials you want to use as your kitchen flooring material. But remember; take your decision considering your comfort, style and cost as well.


Top Flooring Materials for Kitchen

  • Ceramic or porcelain tiles: Very durable materials with stain and water-resistance makes them best fit for kitchen. You can chose from wide range of color, textures and designs. You can replace the section easily if any section gets cracked.

Drawbacks:  These very hard tiles reduce the comfort, and any chinaware or glass breaks, if it falls on the surface. The grout lines are hard to clean and the floor becomes very cold in cold climate.


  • Laminate: This very affordable flooring material is very easy to clean and durable even in low maintenance. The best thing about it is its resemblance to natural materials, and extremely easy installation.

Drawbacks: Standing water can damage it, and it cannot be refinished. And yes, that’s the major weakness of laminated floor.


  • Vinyl: It is a very cheap flooring material and has features like durability, comfort and easy cleaning. Water resistant vinyl sheets are flexible and they have very easy installation. Vinyl is soft, quiet and easy on our feet.

Drawbacks:  It is difficult to repair and the low cost vinyl may discolor soon. Though they try to give it tiles’ or wood’s looks, it still does not look as good as the real materials.


  • Cork: This natural insulator flooring material helps reducing energy bills. Due to its softness, it will not destroy any cups or plates that accidentally fall on it. Cork flooring is stain and water resistant, and it also resists insects and fire.

Drawbacks: Its color may fade away in contact with direct sunlight. There is possibility of damages in the furniture’s pressure point as it is a soft flooring material.


There are other flooring materials too, which can be used in kitchen but the thing is, does flooring kitchen with carpet become a good decision? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! And you know why. You can study about them for few hours on the internet and know about their benefits and drawbacks. And then, you take a wiser decision! Read our other blogs and you will know more about flooring. These systematically organized contents in this website can make you an expert in flooring and carpeting. You could contact us anytime for inquiries and assistance. Our four decades old company with very experienced and skilled manpower is always here to provide quality service to our customers.


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