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5 Reasons Why Carpet is a Healthy Flooring Option


Carpets are among the most popular options for flooring. They’re suitable for both offices and homes. They make the room look beautiful, cozy and lavish. They’re also one of the cheapest options available in the market.

On top of all these attributes, carpets are also considered a healthy flooring option. Now, I understand that it might come as a surprise to everyone, but it’s true. And here, I present some arguments to prove that right. These are the 5 reasons why carpet is a healthy flooring option-

Carpet keeps the air clean

While it may seem like carpets cause the air to get polluted, it’s exactly the opposite. Carpets make the room environment clean, by cleaning the air. Its fibers trap the dust particles and allergens flying in the air, until you voluntarily vacuum it or dust it off. When it comes to other flooring options, they don’t have the dust trapping mechanism. Therefore, the dust particles circulate, and re-circulate around the room, round the clock; there is no settling down.

Those particles enter our body as we breathe, through the food and water that we take, and so on. And the rest is all history. Choose carpet as your flooring option, if you want to avoid these particles, and stay away from their impact.


It doesn’t emit harmful chemical compounds

Generally, flooring options are known to emit chemical compounds called Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) on a high rate. It is due to the use of numerous chemicals, during manufacture and installation. These emissions spread across the room in the form of a peculiar fume. While these emissions are not deadly, they can cause nausea and headache. They can also have more dangerous effects on kids.

Unlike them, carpets are safe, especially the ones that are made of natural components such as wool, cotton and so on. Even the synthetic ones have low emissions, which subsides within 24 hours, even faster if the room is well ventilated. Carpet manufacturers follow Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) standards, to produce carpets that have low level emissions. And such carpets have CRI Green Plus Labels.


It makes the floor safe

Unlike other flooring options such as tiles, hardwood or ceramic that are hard, carpets create a form of padding on the floor. This feature reduces the risk of injuries caused by accidental falls or slips. Every year, thousands of people suffer from bruises, cuts and bleeding, fractures, broken bones and so on, by falling on the ground. Such cases can be easily prevented, by having carpets as flooring options.

The safety of the victims cannot be guaranteed, as carpets don’t prevent them from falling. However, the effect of the impact can be lessened. And that’s what makes the difference. For the ones who have kids in their house, it really matters a lot. With a good quality carpet on the floor, you can let them play freely.


It helps in reducing noise

Carpets, up to a certain extent, play a role in reducing noise from the room. They act as noise/ echo absorbers, preventing the noise from escaping or spreading throughout the room. It has only a limited affect on sound produced by sources such as speakers, television sets and so on. However, it completely reduces the ones produced by footsteps, falling objects etc.

Now, we all know that a quiet environment is the best environment for us and our well being. It doesn’t just keep our mind in a peaceful state, but also makes us more productive. Things can’t get any healthier than that.


Carpets are Eco-friendly

Most carpets, especially the ones made up of materials such as sisal, coir, wool or organic cotton, are eco-friendly. By avoiding the use of unnatural chemicals, manufacturers ensure that their customers stay safe from health risks. These sorts of carpets don’t expose the people around to harmful compounds, keeping the environment of the room natural and safe.

Anything that is friendly to ecology has to be friendly for us. We should always opt for carpets that use these natural elements as the main components for carpet manufacture. That way, we can keep ourselves and people around us healthy.

Carpets seem to have faced numerous allegations about being unhealthy. It has also been considered as one of the top in-house causes of asthma and other kinds of allergies. But it’s not so. Recent studies have shown all these allegations to be baseless. Top notch institutions like Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) and US Green Building Council have given thumbs up to the carpets, and advocated in their favor.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with this blog, or do you have counter arguments? Please share with us what you think in the comments section below.