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3 Flooring Options for Pets

From ancient times till now, human beings have had special bond with their pets. For whatever reason you call it, people are infatuated with pets. And they want to keep at least one pet at your home.

Now, keeping pets at home is easy said than done. Why? Because with pets comes list of mischief they are capable of. So if you have made up your mind to have a pet at your home, it’s essential to decide the flooring options in an advance.

Why I need to know about flooring, you may ask. Well, pets have propensity to damage your floor by scratching it with their pointed nails or messing up your expensive carpets completely.
This is why it’s important to have a list of flooring options for your pets.

Don’t worry folks! We have got your back on this… We present to you top 5 best flooring options that will relieve your pet’s tension.

Bamboo Flooring

More often than not bamboo is thrown in the species of “hardwood flooring.” However, if you look for technical perspective, it is a form of grass rather than a wood. Bamboo flooring has many advantages over wood flooring… And one of the best materials to have for homes with pets.
If you talk about resilience, even best of the best hardwoods can’t beat it. It won’t tear apart and most importantly, it can withstand large traffic.


• Bamboos are renewable products so if you love green, that’s your choice.
• It is stain resistant that means you can easily wipe off the stain from the bamboo flooring.


• Like every material out in the market, you have to be picky with your choice of bamboo. Caramelized bamboo should be avoided as it is weakest species of bamboo dynasty.

Laminate Flooring

Personally speaking, it really gets on my nerves, when I hear frequent scratchy sound. Do you hate it too? If you do, than getting your floor laminated is the best way to avoid this problem.
It provides resistance against sudden stain spills… And its scratch defiant nature makes it one of the choices for homeowners. It also provides the best décor for homeowners.


• Highly scratch sustainable material
• Compatible for people who want decorative finishes in their flooring.


• It is prone to accidents as the laminated floor is extremely slippery.
• Spills have the tendency to sneak through wood planks and messing up the floor underneath.

Hardwood Flooring

Yes! Prude homeowners, here comes your big fish. Hardwood flooring has always been the favorable choice for homes. However, if you have pets in home, I cannot always put my hands up and say yes, this is the best.
The reason is simple… It can be highly affected by pet’s behavior. If you pet throw up faucets in the floor, its smell and spot persists in the wood. If liquids are spilled, it can pass through gaps causing damage.
Moreover, the floor can be extremely affected with scratches of your pets.

So, which flooring are you going for? Bamboo would be my pick, what about yours?

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